Chasing silence

Anne Wenzel: Chasing silence 4 februari 2017 t/m 8 oktober 2017

The Princessehof presents Anne Wenzel: Chasing silence. The artist worked for two years on her series inspired by vanitas paintings of the Golden Age. Wenzel makes sculptures of birds that lie tranquil on a huge table. Their dark feathers sparkle and shine. Because of the proximity of death they exude power and beauty. They remind us of the beauty of life.

Vanitas paintings are tributes to death and the transience of life, and in the art of painting often include skulls, snuffed candles and wilted flowers. Wenzel’s ceramic work is an ode to this theme. The dark and yet colourful look of the objects is a special quality. To achieve this, Anne Wenzel fired them using the Raku technique, in which the red-hot images are smothered with wood chips, turning the white clay deep black, while the glaze develops a rich palette of colours. The birds rise like phoenixes from the ashes.

Anne Wenzel, Chasing silence, Velvet pheasant (detail). Met dank aan het Mondriaan Fonds